Welcome to Spacexplorer Corps. I'm sir Hatstronaut and I'll get you through your first field day! Hopefully you won't die more than couple of times. Remember the main rule of the Spacexplorers - press everything that's pressable, ride on the platforms wildly, care for the alien lifeforms and never ever forget to keep an eye on your oxygen levels. 

We'll start from learning how to make tea.


  • Arrows/Xbox - move, jump
  • Space/(B) - interact / pick up and throw creatures

Team Volcanic Giraffe, ladies and gentlemen:

  • Alexey Grishin - code, ai, music, shaders
  • Ruslan Kibets - code, idea, levels
  • Anatoly Sazanov - code, art, levels



  • Reduced difficulty of Level 4 a bit (commit)


  • Fixed blocker when some level exits become unreachable (commit)

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