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Pretty cool, took me a minute to figure out how to actually build towers but from then on it was smooth sailing.  It's a bit slow for me, but I really like the concept

Thank you!

BTW, we've released the full version of this game (with much better graphics :)), you may find it in steam


A fun little concept, I can't wait till the full steam game release is available.

So it is released! You may find it here


Absolutely amazing work. Love it. The music, the idea, how it plays. Really well done. Keep it up


Interesting game, kind of hard. would like more towers/more possibilities. good concept tho!



Actually we are working on finishing the game, here is a example of new look. You may notice some new buildings to create, and there will be more of them.

Stay tuned!


Are you still working on this, it looks promising :)

Yep, we are. Here is steam link with announcement: Protolife on steam Thanks :)

add summon tower plz for more fun


Great job on this game! It took me to realize it was sort of like a tower defense game xD

I especially enjoy the pixel graphics.