Protolife is a game made for Ludum Dare 38 in 72h by small team.
Here is submission page on LD site - if you'd like to vote for :)

Welcome to a cell! Be a part of a cellular machinery, use amino acid to produce proteins, enzymes and build strong immune system (antibodies, membrane) to protect you from the infection. A small world lives inside every cell of every being.

CONTROLS (keyboard only)

  • `Arrows` - move
  • `Tab` - switch current block
  • `Space` - take / put / interact
  • `ESC` - skip tutorial


  • Build defense towers and walls by placing blue blocks (protein).
  • Upgrade defense towers using yellow blocks (enzyme).
  • Collect green blocks (amino acid) and convert them to blue/yellow blocks.
  • Kill all the infection!


Volcanic Giraffe, ladies and gentlemen:

  • Alexey Grishin - code, music, sounds, pirogi & coke
  • Ruslan Kibets - code, PR, pizza & tea
  • Anatoly Sazanov - art, idea, second monitor


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add summon tower plz for more fun


Great job on this game! It took me to realize it was sort of like a tower defense game xD

I especially enjoy the pixel graphics.