From the book of POLYARNIK:

Beware of sea. Sea hides many dangers, it will make you slow and cold, and also you will need to dry your coat after swimming, which is never nice because you only have one.
Beware of ice. Ice might be your friend because you can step on it, but it is also an enemy, as its chunks float around uncharted, only waiting for a chance to bump into your ship.
Beware of your friends. Trust me, there’s nothing your friends want more than putting a boot up your coat and kick you out of the ice to the sea.

But most of all, my friend,  beware of penguins.


Get as many points as you can while surviving against all odds and stocking back your ship with the supply boxes! Bring a friend for even more fun!

Controls in P1 mode:

  • Gamepad or keyboard arrows, WSAD - movement Space, Enter - action

Controls in P2 mode:

  • Gamepad1, WSAD, Space - Player 1;
  • Gamepad2, Arrows, Enter - Player 2

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