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A desolate place. Lonely church in a middle of nowhere. Dusk light fills the air, wind brushes through the grass, it is such a beautiful sight. Almost makes you forget. 

If only you could. 

A little flake of black, obsidian ash slowly waltzing down on your shoulder, and disappears in a purple flash of otherwordly light. The Plague's here. Time to do your job.

Game is controlled by a mouse Left click to select a unit Right click to order movement Q,W,E uses abilities (sorry Dvorak folks) 1-4 selects heroes

Priest in the Church will be happy to help you, if you are willing to pay the price.



  • Improved laggy camera movement.
  • Fixed broken level state when enemies fall through the floor.
  • Fixed shop background image to fit 1920x1080.
  • Restored grenade explosion particles effect.
  • No gameplay changes.


  • [Performance] Optimized terrain polygons amount.
  • Enemy with laser targeting error fix.
  • Camera now moves faster if it is far away from target.
  • No gameplay changes


ouap_win.zip 36 MB
ouap_nix.zip 40 MB

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