Playing with sound on is recommened. Controls: Mouse - select units, Esc - menu, R - restart, Enter - evacuate (when ready)

This is a game about [NOPE]. You must find the [NOPE] out of [NOPE] and successfully escape from [NOPE]. Your task is to save as many people as possible, and [NOPE] them to the exit alive.


This game is controlled by [NOPE]. Use its left button to select group or individual people, and right button to [NOPE] them to move. Make it to the exit, wait until all survivors are in the green zone and press exit button to end level. All survivors outside the green zone will be [NOPE]. You can press R to restart the current [NOPE]. Game will automatically restart if there are nope survivors left.

Some mechanics are better to figure out yourself, but if you are stuck, refer to the section below


Approach wall terminals to [NOPE] with them. Security pads must have alive human standing on them to provide clearance. Doors can be [NOPENED] this way and mechanisms enabled.

Noise is the key mechanic in [NOPE]. You will make noise when moving and that will attract some unwanted [NOEP]. Human noises are very attractive to [NOPE], especially loud screams and claps. You can use it arbitrarily to your advantage to lure [NPOE] to other map areas and keep your group safe. Human noises can be masked somewhat by sources of constant loud humming (such as fan vents or Christopher Walken).

At the start of the level you will have a chance to rest and take a look over the area. Use it to plan your way through the [NOPE]. Just remember that sometimes individuals must give their [NOPE] to save the rest of the group.


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why are people coughing and dropping coins all the time?


Alexey, cool little game you got here. Really fun to play, and I can imagine the things you can add to this to make it even more fun and addicting. Well done, really, and thank you for this! :-)