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I played through the game, super nice graphics, not as cool gameplay

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The idea seems nice and it feels polished, the art is cool, the music is fitting.

I was mostly confused tho, I would move and stuff would happen, but it was hard to tell what was going on. It felt like I lacked agency over what was going on, my little dudes would throw themselves off the ledge, sometimes hexagones would fall off and when I reached another group of hexagones they seem like they would connect randomly. The concept seems interesting and I wish I could come up with a strategy, but it's hard to tell what the hexagones are doing, are forest diferent from grass ? How do I spawn new dudes ? What does having hexagones connected do or not do ? What is a good or a bad thing to do ? How do I influence the outcome of battles ?

The game needs better onboarding, but it has potential.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback.


Incredible idea, I liked the strategy based on the movement and position of the hexagons.


Wow this is like those fake mobile game ads, but it's actually real


cool game, I really like the looks.

Would be nice if there was a quick explanation in game that you need to click with the mouse to play because I didn’t read the description of the page when i first tried it, so I was just doing something until I started to use the mouse.


I loved the game, I just love the art style and the music ♥


Oh wow, thanks for the video!


This is a very interesting game, I love the art style and how the gameplay works. The diminishing of the land as time goes on. I like the tiny bit of background behind how the events came to transpire aswell, this definitely looks like it could be a very good game with a bit more work. Solid 6.5/10 The music was good, the design was good but it wasn't an incredibly captivating game, with a decent story behind it and more interesting combat elements this would be a lot more enjoyable.

That's some 10/10 feedback. Thanks!


Very impressive game!

You are impressive!

I like the concept of this game, but the music is too loud to play this for more than 2 minutes