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== Welcome to the Hexworld! ==

Sire! Evil wizard hexed our land and broke it apart.

Thankfully, I am a good wizard! I grant you a power to move your piece of land around and collect other pieces together by your royal hand.

Just remember that people didn’t quite like it when the land is moving under their feet. And they tend to, khm, fall down. And the land itself, well, I should say it’s a little bit unstable.

Now you have to sort this mess, sire. Me, help you? No, no, you see, it’s something about royal privilege. Good luck. I’m out to get some Pina Collada, since the earth is shaking anyway.

Additional info:

Game is controlled by mouse ʢ•·̫•ʡ Collect the land, capture buildings and destroy all enemies - but remember, when you move, things tend to get a bit unstable.

If you feel stuck, O/P keys will help you through the levels. Sorry, we couldn’t make the end screen in time, so levels are looped.

M - mute, R - restart


v1.01 - Make music a bit quieter for people with locked system sound volume

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorsVolcanic Giraffe, icxon, a333
Tagsautobattle, Casual, Hex Based, Ludum Dare 49, Medieval, Real time strategy
LinksLudum Dare


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I played through the game, super nice graphics, not as cool gameplay

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The idea seems nice and it feels polished, the art is cool, the music is fitting.

I was mostly confused tho, I would move and stuff would happen, but it was hard to tell what was going on. It felt like I lacked agency over what was going on, my little dudes would throw themselves off the ledge, sometimes hexagones would fall off and when I reached another group of hexagones they seem like they would connect randomly. The concept seems interesting and I wish I could come up with a strategy, but it's hard to tell what the hexagones are doing, are forest diferent from grass ? How do I spawn new dudes ? What does having hexagones connected do or not do ? What is a good or a bad thing to do ? How do I influence the outcome of battles ?

The game needs better onboarding, but it has potential.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback.


Incredible idea, I liked the strategy based on the movement and position of the hexagons.


Wow this is like those fake mobile game ads, but it's actually real


cool game, I really like the looks.

Would be nice if there was a quick explanation in game that you need to click with the mouse to play because I didn’t read the description of the page when i first tried it, so I was just doing something until I started to use the mouse.


I loved the game, I just love the art style and the music ♥


Oh wow, thanks for the video!


This is a very interesting game, I love the art style and how the gameplay works. The diminishing of the land as time goes on. I like the tiny bit of background behind how the events came to transpire aswell, this definitely looks like it could be a very good game with a bit more work. Solid 6.5/10 The music was good, the design was good but it wasn't an incredibly captivating game, with a decent story behind it and more interesting combat elements this would be a lot more enjoyable.


That's some 10/10 feedback. Thanks!


Very impressive game!


You are impressive!

I like the concept of this game, but the music is too loud to play this for more than 2 minutes