Piloting cargo battery ships is a fun job. It never gets old. It's never as simple as flying from A to B. For some reason, alien overlords, space pirates, morbid viruses, crazy AIs and space-time anomalies JUST LOVE to happen to a cargo ship captains.
Naturally, only best of the best end up being cargo ship captains. Best, and slightly mad. It's not required, but it really helps.

CONTROLS (keyboard only)

  • Arrows – move
  • Space – pick up and throw items


  • Throw stuff to the furnace to keep the engines burning
  • Make it to the end. At all costs
  • Chairs are really helpful against aliens (quoted from the space admiral Wilco's cookbook)
  • That's all folks!


Volcanic Giraffe, ladies and gentlemen:

  • Alexey Grishin – code, music, shaders
  • Ruslan Kibets – PR, sounds, copy-paste
  • Anatoly Sazanov – idea, art, texts



  • Fixed Phaser JS issue that breaks game window focus in some cases (no gameplay changes).


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I would just like to say i very much appreciate the Red Dwarf references :D 

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it's possible to fail, but it's just really, really hard


Small, fun and creative!


A game to surpass FTL