Spirits of the Junkyard want to have some fun and decide who's going to be the king of the trash hill. Of course, the most sensible way to decide would be a TRIAL BY COMBAT!


I usually write something moody and lore-heavy here, but today it's our 10th Ludum Dare as a team, so I want to steal this place and celebrate a bit. First and foremost, I want to say huge thanks to my friends Ruslan and Alexey here, thank you for dealing with all the shmuck I produce on a constant basis. You are awesome and I wouldn't grow nearly as far as I am now without you. 

This game is simultaneously a nod to a great piece called Hammerfight (which is awesome and you should play it) and to our first ever jam entry called Ancient Contact, which was also a physics sandbox playground. You can go and check it sometime later to see how much did we manage to improve (or degrade?) over those years. It was a realy nice journey. Bumpy ride, of course, ups and downs, happiness and depression, and this fulfillment after the game is finally submitted and you can relax and enjoy it. It's what we are here for.

Last, but not least, we'd want to thank all of you people, who spent your precious time playing our games, rating us, leaving feedback, and even buing our steam game. You, Ludum Darers, are absolutely fantastic bunch of people, wonderful in every way (except, maybe, picking a jam theme).

Thank you! And have a good time in rate weeks.



  • Use mouse to fly around.
  • Hold [LMB] to activate your attach sockets - if there's an item nearby, it would be attached to you.
  • [RMB] to discard all your items.
  • [SPACE] to evacuate, but beware - your body will be destroyed. 
  • [ESC] returns to menu. Sorry we didn't had time to make a confirmation prompt.


TrashQuest.app.zip 35 MB
trashquest_win.zip 35 MB


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Attacking by spinning the mouse wheel was a stroke of brilliance, good luck.